Meet Gracie from Project Underdog Rescue

Sex: Female

Age: 7 Year(s)

Price: $599

Breed: Staffordhshire Bull Terrier

Microchip # 943094320340979

My name is Gracie and I'm 7 years young 😊
I'm a pretty easy going gal. I love going on walks, playing ball and being around my people. Oh and snoozing, I do love a good afternoon nap.
I’m not too bothered about other dogs and I might be happy sharing my home with another similar sized dog but we'd have to meet a few times to make sure we get along first.
I’m really not a fan of cats or other small animals, sorry.
I don't mind kids but my foster mum says they should be older than 10 so I don't accidentally knock them when I'm running around playing!
I can’t wait to find my forever family to hang out with. I'm a laid back girl that loves to be close to her people and all I need is my teddy to carry around in my mouth and some cuddle time!



I’m in Southern California, and looking to adopt a SBT from a local rescue. Do you work with any local SBT rescues in the US? Thanks!

Cynthia April 09, 2020

I live in CA and want to adopt a Staffy Bull. Could you link me up with any rescues here for our specific breed? Thank you as I have not been successful

Lois March 24, 2020

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