Staffy Dad Tee

54 AUD
A classic grey tee made from 100% cotton. Comfortable fit. Machine washable. 


Staffy Dad

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Father. 1. A guy who considers his staffy his baby, but will never admit it. 2. Got the staffy originally thinking it was a tough dog but soon realised he was very, very wrong. 3. Often gets caught by his mates talking in a high pitched baby voice to the staffy. 4. Pretends not to enjoy seeing the staffy in clothes but secretly it melts him. 5. Enforced the rule ‘no dogs in the bed’ that went out the window after the second night. 6. Finds discreet ways to show people the staffy. Common ways of doing this include telling people that his Mrs has gone crazy and made the staffy an Instagram but that they should totally check it out. 7. Professional ball thrower. 8. Blames all the bad smells in the house on the staffy. 9. Loves his staffy more than anything or anybody.


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Women Size Chart

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XL Size 14-16 Size 10-12 Size 14-16


Mens Size Chart

Chest (inch) 36 38 40 42 44
Waist (inch) 30 32 34 36 38


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