Staffy Mum Womens Tee

54 AUD
A classic grey tee made from 100% cotton. Comfortable fit. Machine washable. 

Staffy Mum

(n) ~ Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mother. 1. A person who considers her Staffy her baby. .e.g: Doesn’t even use ‘fur’ infront of ‘baby’ when referring to the Staffy as the baby. 2. Often cancels plans to be with the Staffy. 3. Spends all spare cash on things for the Staffy. 4. Runs up to pet other people’s staffies when out in public. 5. Follows 2893 Staffies on social media.

Common terminologies for Staffy Mum include crazy Staffy lady, Staffy obsessed and more. 


Personalise Your Collar

Type the name of your pet below to have this monogramed in gold foil on your collar.


Women Size Chart

XS Size 6-8 Size 2-4 Size 6-8
S Size 8-10 Size 4-6 Size 8-10
M Size 10-12 Size 6-8 Size 10-12
L Size 12-14 Size 8-10 Size 12-14
XL Size 14-16 Size 10-12 Size 14-16


Mens Size Chart

Chest (inch) 36 38 40 42 44
Waist (inch) 30 32 34 36 38


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