Snug a Bull Dog Blanket

49 AUD

According to us, dog blankets serve a fantastic purpose of protecting your sofa or bed. So, they must be something you're proud to have spread out on your couch or bed. They shoulld compliment your home decor and they should not be something you want to throw in the cupboard when you have guests over.  According to Phillip, dog blankets must be super thick, soft and fluffy! So we've created the perfect dog blanky that ticks all of those boxes!

Blanket is a lovely large size to allow good coverage on your doggo's favourite part of the sofa. 

150cm X 150cm 

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US Size Guide
Your Size  Size to Buy
Twin Single Single
Full Size / Double Queen
Queen King
King Super King
UK Size Guide
Your Size Size to Buy
Single Single
King King
Super King Super King

Bedset Measurements (cm)
Single  140cm x 210cm
Queen 210cm x 210cm
King 245cm x 210cm
Super King 270cm x 240cm
Euro Pillow 65cm x 65cm 

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