The Classic Harness

69 AUD
Quality materials, classic design and best of all, customisable. You’ll love the classic design featuring part leather and nylon, finished with soft gold hardware. Sturdy strap design with multiple lead attachements for ultimate control out on walks. Adjustable nylon strap to ensure it can fit almost any dog. Make it personal with your best friends name monogrammed in gold onto the leather of the harness.

Personalise Your Collar

Type the name of your pet below to have this monogramed in gold foil on your collar.

Collar Neck 
S-M 31-43cm
M-L 42-62cm
Harness Neck 
S-M 30-50cm
M-L 42-62cm
Both collar and harness sizes are very easily adjusted and fit a large range of dogs

 Full refunds and exchanges are accepted if wrong size is selected

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10-14 business days

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