Sex: Female

Age: 9 Year(s)

Price: $250

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Microchip # 956000003431234


 Hi, my name is Roxy, I’m nine years old but I don’t act like it. 

I’m super vibrant and love to wiggle around. My photos make me look a lot bigger than I am, I’m actually a tiny dainty little girl, just about the right size to fit neatly cuddled up in your arms! I just love being patted, I am a cuddle bear through and through. Cuddling is my favourite sport actually and I’m really good at it. I love sitting on a lap or couch which is what I get to do with all the lovely volunteers at SRV.


I am a well mannered young lady and I can do basic commands such as sit and I walk well on a lead. But you see they found me at the pound and I have been used as a breeding machine so I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to experience the dedicated time and love in my life that a doggy like me deserves.  


I am am all round good girl and the sweetest friend you’ll ever have but I don’t want to go to a home with other doggies, I need to be your only love.
If you met me you’d fall in love in an instant, I guarantee it. I have a magical power what can I say.

So if you think you’d like to fall in love with a girl like me you can look at my full profile and fill out an adoption application here: 





lDpimTOaJWXbn May 24, 2020

Hi Roxy:She is Gorgeous:Hope She Finds a Loving Forever Home Soon🐕❤❤

Wendy Blinco April 25, 2020

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