Penelope's Garden Dog Robe

74 AUD
*Dispatch after November 4* 
Featuring SunPhilly‘s and DazzleFlowers, our Penelope’s Garden collection will put a smile on your dial and brighten your day. 
Limited edition release. 

Deliciously soft fabric and thoughtfully designed belly strap will soothe your dog and make them feel like they’re wrapped up in a big hug. Easy to put on, with no arm holes, just a simple pop over the head and an adjustable belly strap. Your dog can wear it to lounge around the house, or to sleep in. Button at the back to attach the hood, so it doesn’t fall over their eyes. 

Try this robe out if your dog gets anxious during a storm, we've found them to have wonderful calming effects!

 Pictured is size XS. Refer to our sizing chart. If you are on the border of sizes, size up.  

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